LiDAR Data Processing

LiDAR Data Processing

LiDAR data processing is the important process of assigning values and meanings to data points in a point cloud. This involves assigning objects (and object properties) within the point cloud data set.

At Geoshot Technologies, we are dedicated to offering cutting-edge LiDAR data processing services to clients across various industries. Our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled team enable us to deliver accurate and comprehensive LiDAR solutions that cater to your specific needs. Whether you require 3D mapping or terrain modeling, we have the expertise to transform your geospatial data into valuable insights.

Our LiDAR Data Processing Services

LIDAR Data Processing Services, 3D Point Cloud classification

3D Point Cloud classification

With our LiDAR data processing service, we generate high-density and precise 3D point clouds from the acquired data. These point cloud classifications serve as a foundational dataset for various applications, including urban planning, forestry analysis, infrastructure management, and more.

3D Point Cloud Classification, Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)

Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)

Our DTM services provide detailed and accurate representations of the Earth's surface, capturing variations in terrain, elevation, and topographic features. This data is invaluable for engineering projects, flood risk assessment, and land development planning.

Point Cloud Classification, 3D Building and Infrastructure Modeling

3D Building and Infrastructure Modeling

Our LiDAR data processing extends to 3D modeling of buildings and infrastructure. Using LiDAR point cloud classification and advanced modeling techniques, we generate detailed 3D models that aid architects, urban designers, and city planners in visualizing and analyzing structures.

LIDAR Data Processing Services, Powerline Classification and Mapping

Powerline Classification and Mapping

Powerlines are critical infrastructure components, and their proper management and maintenance are essential to ensure reliable power distribution. LiDAR data processing services help in classifying and mapping powerlines by identifying their 3D locations and attributes. Detecting and assessing vegetation encroachments near powerlines can pose a risk to the infrastructure.

3D Point Cloud Classification, Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

GeoShot Technology creates Digital Elevation Models derived from LiDAR data, showcasing elevation values for specific geographic areas.

Point Cloud Classification, Water Classification and Mapping

Water Classification and Mapping

LiDAR data processing can be used for water classification to identify elevation and flow patterns to identify potential water flow directions and catchment areas.

LIDAR Data Processing Services, Feature extraction

Feature extraction

LiDAR data processing is used in extracting precise georeferenced vector features such as buildings, roads, and trees.

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