3D Modeling for Games

3D Modeling for Games

Game Modeling services refer to the professional services offered to game developers and studios for the production of visual assets used in video games. It involves art and animation production using groundbreaking technologies and encompasses various elements such as characters, environments, props, architectural structure, animations, and special effects for various games like RPGs, RTS, FPS, and Endless Runner Games.

At GeoShot Technologies, we do 3D Modeling for Gaming Industry. Our skilled team of artists specializes in both PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and non-PBR workflows. Our 3D Modeling for Games provides you with visually stunning game 3D assets for various platforms, including Console, PC, Mobile, VR, and working towards concept art.

GeoShot Services

Modular 3D Assets for Game Environment

We understand the challenges of building large-scale game levels within platform limitations such as a city environment, a futuristic sci-fi environment, or a medieval village. We always recommend a modular approach for efficient level creation in high quality. Our team works together with the client from planning to integration in the game engine. We ensure to delivery of seamless modular 3D assets with PBR and non-PBR workflow.

Endless Runner Games

We are a perfect team of artists to help you with endless runner Game Art assets. Our team can provide you with the modular art assets required for your dynamic-level generation. Generic modular sets that allow you to create as many variations as you want at run time. Art assets that can be attached as Lego blocks seamlessly with many different combinations we offer complete art production for your game including environment characters, pick-up items, obstacles, powerups with effects, and animations.

Isometric Game Art

Isometric games have a unique charm, they give the viewpoint to reveal facets of the environment. In isometric art, objects and environments are rendered using a unique axonometric projection, which displays the elements at a 30-degree angle from the horizontal plane. This projection creates a sense of depth and allows for a pseudo-3D representation on a 2D plane. Our artists are well-versed in creating visually stunning isometric environments to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Stylized game assets

Our team is experienced in stylized 3D Game Art and can produce high-quality art assets to fulfill the aesthetic vision of your games. Our team can very quickly adapt to an existing or new style from concept art, sample art, and reference images. Our robust art QA process makes sure that style and quality are consistent and meet your technical expectations throughout the project.

2.5D Game Environment Assets

2.5D is used in making games super lightweight to achieve a desired framerate with creative freedom. With this, we can give a very appealing look to your game and even make the gameplay experience enjoyable. Whether you want to take a pre-rendered 3D assets approach or a combination of 2D and 3D art assets so that the object will achieve a 3D perspective while presenting 2D images we can do it all.

Low and High Poly Hard Surface Models

Our artists excel in creating detailed and optimized models for your game whether it's weapons, props, buildings, or vehicles. We strike the perfect balance between polygon efficiency and visual fidelity, to ensure that your assets look stunning.

Game Environment Creation

From terrains to different game levels, we have the expertise to bring your virtual world to life. We work closely with clients to understand their vision and create environments that are visually striking, engaging, and optimized for your target platform.

AAA Quality Race Tracks

Whether you need race tracks for a thrilling racing game or a high-speed chase, our artists can create AAA-quality tracks by utilizing point cloud data or photo reference to ensure accuracy in bringing your race tracks to life.

Indoor Game Environments and Lighting

We understand the importance of creating atmospheric indoor environments that enhance gameplay experience and storytelling. Our artists excel in creating realistic lighting setups and ensuring that your indoor game environments are visually stunning.

Upscaling or Downscaling in Game Art Assets

We offer scalability options for your Game Art assets to ensure platform portability and upgrades. We will optimize the assets while maintaining their visual quality and integrity.

We take pride in doing exceptional 3D Modeling for Games that surpass expectations. Our talented team of artists is committed to creating visually stunning assets that elevate your game to AAA quality.

Are you ready to transform your game environment? Let us bring your virtual worlds to life with our Game Environment Art Assets Service. Reach out to us at and get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience!

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