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We offer state-of the-art and highly reliable GIS mapping, photogrammetry, LiDAR and UAV data processing services for worldwide clients.

Backed by industry-wide domain knowledge and technology expertise, skilled management and engineering teams and process approach in all our practices, we offer a range of services that enable our clients to use GIS effectively for diverse applications.

GIS Data Services:

  1. Parcel & Cadastral Mapping
  2. Utility Mapping – Electrical distribution, Telecom, Oil/Gas, Water / Sewer Network
  3. Spatial Analysis
  4. Golf Course Mapping
  5. GIS Data Conversion & Digitization
  6. Navigation Map Production
  7. Data Migration and Conflation

Photogrammetry Mapping:

  1. Aerial Triangulation
  2. Softcopy Stereo Compilation (Planimetric/Vector Feature Extraction)
  3. Digital Elevation/Terrain Modeling
  4. Digital Ortho photo Production

LiDAR Data Processing:

  1. Airborne / Terrestrial LiDAR Processing
  2. Bare Earth Extraction (DEM/DTM)
  3. Advance classification such as Building, Vegetation, Bridges, Water etc (DSM)
  4. Powerline classification & Vectorization
  5. 3D Building Models
  6. Breakline & Contour Generation
  7. Orthophoto generation & Color Balancing
  8. 3D-Feature Vectorization
  9. Renovation of Cultural Heritage and Land Marks

UAV Data Processing:

  1. UAV Data Acquisition
  2. Ortho Rectification
  3. 2D/3D Feature Extraction
  4. 3D Data Modeling
  5. 3D Video Production

Remote Sensing:

  1. Image Enhancement
  2. Supervised and Unsupervised Classification
  3. Image Processing
  4. Georeferencing & Rectification
  5. Land use / land cover Mapping
  6. High-resolution urban Mapping

Geospatial Application Development:

  1. Web GIS
  2. Custom Geospatial App Dev
  3. Open Source Development

We are capable to understand the requirements and processes for new projects quickly, ensuring faster starts to projects. Combined with our stringent quality checking process and the cost efficiency of outsourcing to India, give our clients the best level of beneficial edge to use our geospatial services in a regular manner.

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