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GeoShot Technologies (www.geoshott.com) is a firm offering specialized technology services in advanced 3D visualization. GeoShot has office at Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) region in India.

GeoShot Technologies provides services and creative solutions to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), Real Estate, Furniture, Modular Kitchen, Golf Course, Land Administration and Oil/Gas industries.

GeoShot Technologies provides 3D visualization services in the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Golf, GIS, BIM, CAD, Scale Modeling and Games. We are a team passionate about implementing advanced 3D solutions. The company has a team of 3D Visualizers, Graphic Specialists, Architecture / Interior / Golf / Game Artists, 3D Animation Experts, GIS / Photogrammetry / LiDAR Specialists, Architectural/Civil/Mechanical Engineers, CAD Specialists, Scale Modelers and Web / Mobile Programmers.

GeoShot is always known for its on-time delivery and high quality output. We provide services to clients across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


GIS data processing

Our team comprises of graphic specialists, artists, animation experts, GIS/photogrammetry/LiDAR specialists, Architectural/Civil/Mechanical Engineers, CAD specialists and software programmers. We provide services to clients across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

goespatial services

We are a company totally committed to qualitative work approach, creativity with innovative ideas. We strive to remain at the cutting-edge of technologies ensuring quality delivery on schedule on various software platforms required by the customer. The recognition received from our clients worldwide is proof of our abilities.

With our efficient and flexible workflow, GeoShot can undertake and successfully complete any major graphics, animation, GIS, BIM, CAD and software development project.

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