Photo realistic architect are more common these day. Photo realistic architectural rendering help people in making the dream house they have always dreamt of. Now 3D artist can easily clear the errors from building plan before construction so that the building can have similar look that customer want. Photo realistic architect

Architect render Post processing (I have to search this in google)

Train your eye: One need to carefully observe the surrounding to develop an understanding of the interaction of light and materials.  Notice how different types of light sources interact with different material surfaces.  Make mental notes about the shapes and depth of shadows and reflections. It would be helpful for 3D artist to learnsome of the basic physicsof photons and properties of different material and observations of light scattering and reflection. It is also important to learn some stuff about photography to understand the ways various lenses and apertures and film types and speeds affect how a scene is captured.

Master Modeling and Rendering software: No matter how good you get at rendering, or how powerful or expensive your modeling software is, you will never master photorealistic rendering if you don’t first master whatever program you use to produce your models. You will never produce a rendering that isindistinguishable from a photographif the model isn’t perfect, because on the grounds there will be some jarring detail that is just wrong.

Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. There’s simply no better way to improve your skills and knowledge than to keep practicing them over and over.  Set up a render; see how it looks; decide what you don’t like or what could be better; change your settings; render it once more.  Compare it to the first version and see whether it’s better, or not, and figure out why, or why not. Repeat unless you get perfect photorealistic image.