SALE Booster for Indian Real Estate – 3D VISUALIZATION

Posted on -2014-12-09 12:48:03

Despite of the festive season in India , the real estate market in India still seems not to be attracting potential buyers for commercial and residential properties , as it was expected earlier that this festive season will be the booster for sales in real estate market , the buyers somehow don’t seem to take much interest in real estate industry.

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GeoShot improving the performance of Oil and Gas companies through advanced GIS techniques

Posted on -2014-12-10 09:44:31

GeoShot works with Oil & Gas companies to let them find the best ways to operate and decision making through various visualization techniques that we offer.

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GIS usage for Land Management in Oil and Gas industry

Posted on -2014-12-08 06:58:51

GIS applications in Land management help clients as well as Landowners. For land owners it is easy of visualize a rig location & clients can get immediate status reports on their work.

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GIS based management for pipe line routing for Oil and Gas industry

Posted on -2014-12-08 06:52:58

Today, the pipeline owners and operators are under increasing pressure to produce accurate maps of pipeline routes to assure safety in design, construction, operation, maintenance, and emergency response of pipeline facilities.

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Oil & Gas Pipeline GIS data models

Posted on -2014-12-08 06:14:46

Database model selection is one of the first steps in building a GIS since all of the data for the GIS will reside in this model or be tied to this model. APDM, ISAT and PODS are three database models available. APDM, ISAT and PODS are three pipeline data models in popular use by Oil companies these days.

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