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Oil and Gas Mapping

GIS has many important uses in Oil & Gas industry. From locating the right drilling spot to pipeline routing and lease checks,GIS plays a crucial role in deciding the best possible analysis for decision makers.GeoShot provides powerful, highly accurate conversion solutions for all of your GIS and survey data including vector, CAD, raster, LiDAR, DEMs, spatial databases and more.

We offer GIS services at various stages of project life-cycle in Oil & Gas industry. Our services range from exploration to network analysis mapping for delivery trucks.We manage preliminary and detailed route mapping, right-of-way mapping, facility inventory and alignment sheet generation mapping throughout the project for pipelines.

Our expertise lies in delivering below services.

  • Pipeline layout and route development mapping
  • Right of way mapping
  • Monitoring and maintenance of pipelines mapping
  • DEM/DTM creation for the area
  • GIS mapping for Land management
  • Lease management
  • Digital aerial photo mosaics
  • Image change detection
  • Image feature extraction through satellite imagery
  • Well Location maps
  • Exploration mapping
  • Hydrocarbon mapping
  • Geological mapping
  • Subsurface and cross section interpretations and images

Pipeline data models we use:

PODS – Pipeline Open Data Model - provides Pipeline Operators a highly-scalable database architecture to integrate critical records and analysis data with geospatial location for each component of your pipeline system in a vendor-neutral platform.

APDM – ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model - The ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model is designed for storing information pertaining to features and conditions found on or along gathering and transmission gas and/or liquid pipelines.

ISAT - ISAT has been designed to be customizable and expanded for numerous clients to support data integration, field data collection, one-call, right-of-way, environmental, marketing, risk assessment, and pipeline integrity applications.

Oil & Gas industry needs GIS for effective exploration, planning, operations and disaster mitigation purposes. Through visual analysis of GIS maps we offer them cost benefits and better information to base their decisions on, and better safety preparations for any spills, fire or any other accident.

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