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It has been estimated that over 75% of data has a geospatial element and the linking of datasets through their spatial component adds significantly to the value of solution. It is this fact that has fuelled the growth in demand for geographic information and the use of geographic information systems.

With effective data and geospatial technology integration, GeoShot has gained global success stories from geospatial data conversion to GIS database design, planning to GIS implementation and system maintenance. Our GIS data services group can relate information from different sources, build custom applications to enhance performance and deliver a full spectrum of GIS solutions. Our experience ranges from map conversion; precise digitization to developing complex GIS digital datasets for various verticals such as Electric, Gas, Water, Wastewater, Storm water, Telecommunications, Municipal government and Private sector clients.

Our GIS data services:

  1. Parcel & Cadastral Mapping
  2. Utility Mapping – Electrical distribution
  3. Utility Mapping – Telecom
  4. Utility Mapping – Oil/Gas

    GIS has many important uses in Oil & Gas industry. From locating the right drilling spot to pipeline routing and lease checks, GIS plays a crucial role in deciding the best possible analysis for decision makers. GeoShot provides powerful, highly accurate conversion solutions for all of your GIS and survey data including vector, CAD, raster, LiDAR, DEMs, spatial databases and more. read more

  5. Utility Mapping – Water / Sewer Network
  6. Golf Course Mapping
  7. GIS Data Conversion & Digitization
  8. Navigation Map Production
  9. Data Migration and Conflation
  10. Spatial Analysis
  11. Flood Mapping
  12. Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI)
  13. E911 GIS Database Creation & Validation
  14. Forestry Mapping
  15. Geological Mapping

Please check some of our work samples below:

lidar 3d modelling digital photogrammetry topographic mapping

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