LIDAR Data Processing

lidar data processing

LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) , a new technology in the field of topographical data collection with high speed, high density and accurate data. LIDAR scanning can occur day or night, as long as clear flying conditions are present; also have the capability to capture intensity reflectance data in addition to the x-y-z coordinates.

GeoShot is one of the leading LIDAR service providers to international clients with high quality.

Our LiDAR data processing services:

Bare Earth Classification (Our LiDAR data processing services:

  1. 1. Ground and Non Ground Classification)We classify only ground points and Ground points are being used for creating surfaces.
  2. 2. Advanced classification (Building, Road, Vegetation and etc..)We classify all required features as per specification.
  3. 3. Ortho generation & Contour generationUsing DEM and photos, we generate ortho photo. Ortho photo is used for capturing 2d topographic features and being used in advanced classifications.
  4. 4. Feature ExtractionAs per requirement we capture features from LAS files
  5. 5. 3d Building modelingWe generate 3d buildings from LAS file and complex building will be manually edited and fixed.

Required Inputs for processing:

  1. 1. Trajectory Information
  2. 2. Raw LAS files
  3. 3. Specification

For more description and examples of our LiDAR data processing services, please visit our LiDAR data processing service dedicated website -  .

Please check some of our work samples below:

lidar mapping lidar 3d modelling 3d lidar

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Customer Voice

“ I would like to fully endorse Bigyan and his team at Vizent with whom I have worked with for the past few years. They react quickly, efficiently and with great passion to our requests and deliver work to the highest of standards at all times. We will continue to enjoy their services for many years to come.″
James Edwards
Director at EDI Golf Ltd., UK
“ Geoshott was able to deliver a superb 3D model for our projects in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania within the tight programs and to excellent standards. We highly recommend Bigyan Kar & his company Vizent for 3D imaging, 3D models 3D sectional elevations which provides excellent architectural overview of any building projects.″
Sunil Maru
Architect at Sumar Varma Associates , Tanzania
“ We utilized Geoshott to create 3D images of several homes being developed for a new construction project. The work they did was excellent... they adapted versions to suit our market and were very responsive when it came to turn around times. I highly recommend Bigyan and his team!″
Marcus Plowright
Century 21 A Team/ Anden Design - Build, Canada
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