Golf clubs use Yardage Books as promotional tools for long time. Yardage books are popular among professional golfer, they use it for shot selection decision. Golfer Guests enjoy them as a souvenir, many people love them for the way they display the beauty of their courses.

Yardage can be conjunction with a GPS unit to map strategy and tactics like Landing positions,hidden dangers, angles to the green, slope map of the green, clubs you hit last time, etc.

Golf course navigation become easier by using Yardage book. These are some way by which Yardage book could be useful.

  • A yardage book helps in avoiding costly mistakes and helps erase doubt from a players mind by providing them with very accurate information.
  • It also helps player to determine strategy standing on every tee and over every shot. The yardage book provides very accurate measurements for distance and elevation from the tees to hazards and bunkers and from many fixed points in and around the fairway to the front edge of the green.
  • A yardage book also provide a compass reading allowing the player/caddy team accurately determine wind direction from any point on the golf course.

The yardage book also provides detailed sketches and measurements of the greens, which help in to allowing a player/caddie to know exactly where the pin is located. It gives them confidence and idea about   attack/defense for each hole they face during a round. Yardage book is a critical piece of equipment for the modern golf game. No Professional golfer in this era walks onto the golf course without a yardage book in tournament golf.

All in all, a yardage book is an essential tool for professional and amateur golfer. It is eliminator of doubt and when used wisely is a player and caddie's best friend. Many amateurs think they understand course management but, they do not. Yardage book is vital tool forany amateur golfer to reach their potential as a golfer.