Advanced LiDAR processing techniques used by GeoShot for better analysis

Posted on -2015-06-17 04:55:26

LiDAR—Light Detection and Ranging—is a remote sensing method used to examine the surface of the Earth. This technology is being used for a wide variety of applications including high-resolution topographic mapping, 3D surface modeling as well as infrastructure and biomass studies. LiDAR data is very accurate, high resolution 3D data captured using special sensors.

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Smart GIS Using 3D Maps of Cities

Posted on -2015-06-15 09:51:28

Many “Smart Cities” in Europe and the US have started creating highly precise & interconnected GIS maps using 3D survey technologies. GIS or Geographic Information Systems use computer-based systems to link maps and databases, creating a relationship between data, location, and information

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GeoShot Technologies- Taking your Design to next level

Posted on -2015-06-03 05:45:28

3D rendering and 3D modeling serve many benefits in a variety of fields. Without these, we would have no rendering simplification in the form of animated video for complex processes.

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Approaching GIS differently

Posted on -2015-02-24 05:01:49

GIS helps us distill our viewpoints, choices, perspectives and decisions into something which can be imparted to individuals who need access to that. While there are lots of data management applications integrated with GIS available, its true value is helping people move from data to information to actionable insight.

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GeoShot Technologies - Empowering You Process, Analyze and Understand Raw Geospatial Data

Posted on -2015-02-18 07:12:57

At GeoShot we help you derive the information you require from raw geospatial data to make mission critical decisions. With a team of expert GIS professionals and backed by experience of delivering exceptional results to clients worldwide, we enable you to transform multi-source content into actionable insights.

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